Wednesday, 17 August 2011

SABMiller, the maker of beers Grolsch and Miller Lite launched a takeover bid on 17th August 2011 for the Australian beer company Fosters. Here are a selection of adverts from both companies.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A matter of life and death...

Last week I decided I had had enough of being dive-bombed, and intimidated by wasps, and I took the decision to eliminate all  the wasps in London.

I purchased a "waspinater " from Amazon and was assured by the company literature that I could expect to kill upwards of 10,000 wasps a day, merely by adding liquid to the "waspinater" and hanging it outside.

This is absolute bollocks! In three days IT HAS NOT CAUGHT A SINGLE WASP. Do not buy a waspinater ! it is a shit device and a jam jar with a sugar lump in it will be more effective. I spent £29.00 on the waspinater and now I may kill myself, as I have bought shame on my family for being so stupid.

Can anyone help me? Not that I care if anyone out there reads this, since I am only blogging to get higher rankings on goggle, if fact, if you are reading this blog, piss off, you sad idiot, do something constructive with your day, instead of reading this rubbish!
Here are some wasp pictures from  my website, for you to look at, but frankly you would be better off searching for sex, or naughty French postcards. I am so bored with writing this blog, I am now going to sleep.